The entire world was left shocked at the announcement that Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman had succumbed to cancer last August. His death left such a huge void that fans were left to wonder just what was going to happen with the sequel. Thanks to THR, we finally have an inkling of what’s been brewing behind-the-scenes. According to the trade, the film is slated to begin filming next July and that they’re in talks with Narcos star Tenoch Huerta to play one of the film’s bad guys.

There’s understandably no word on what their plans are whether they want to continue on with T’Challa or not but THR did say that Letitia Wright is looking at a more prominent role in the film. As for Huerta, I don’t watch Narcos but I simply excited to see more non-household names rise up to the big leagues. His role could be anything at this point and THR seems to hint that there are multiple villains but as a fan of Christopher Priest’s run, I’d love to Achebe come in. Of course, Namor is at the top of everyone’s list and that would be great too.

Source: THR