The highly-awaited Black Panther sequel is gonna have the biggest villain showdown in the MCU since Thanos. The Illuminerdi is reporting that Tenoch Huerta, the Narcos star that was cast several months back in an anonymous role, is playing the Sub-Mariner in the film. They also report that several of the Atlanteans will make an appearance including Attuma and Namora.

This is huge for a few reasons. For one, T’Challa and Namor McKenzie infamously do not get along in the comics. Multiple writers have pit them against each other numerous times over the years simply because of how good they’re paired together. Unfortunately, we no longer have a T’Challa in the MCU but that doesn’t mean a war versus Atlantis and Wakanda can’t be great. Another big thing about this is that Namor may very well be the first mutant we see in the MCU, a title he once had in the comics until it got retconned. And then there’s that cultural aspect with the Mayans possibly being of Atlantean descent.

Source: Illuminerdi