The cast of Avengers: Infinity War is assembling at historic Durham Cathedral in England for what has all the makings of a major set piece in the film. Local Twitter users are on the scene and supplying us with as good of a look as we can get at parts of the set and giving updates as the cast begins to show up on location.

And in what’s become our best way to discover such things, another member of the cast, Tessa Thompson, has arrived on location. With Bruce Banner and Thor also on set, it appears that Valkyrie will become allies with the pair in Thor: Ragnarok before  joining the fight with the Avengers against Thanos.

With so many cast members on hand, a 3-day shoot and the measures taken to keep the entire set free of prying eyes, it’s reasonable to assume that this set will be home to a relatively large piece of the plot. We will update you over the next several days, but with the veil of secrecy around this entire film, it will be a welcome and pleasant surprise if we get any real details.