This past weekend, Tampa hosted its first ever MegaCon, continuing the city’s dedication to all things nerdy. While some unforeseen circumstances led to us missing both Brett Dalton and David Tennant, the only two MCU-related guests at the Con, there was still plenty to see. From walls of Funkos and action figures, to ever-conceivable piece of art dedicated to every fandom you can imagine, it was a lot of fun and there was plenty to see. There were replicas of Cap’s shield and Mjolnir, ready-made costumes for Steve Rogers, Agent Carter, and Dr. Simmons, and a barrage of cosplayers, many dedicating their costumes to representing Marvel Cinematic Universe characters. Check out the gallery above to see some of our favorite outfits and I’ll leave you with my low-key, deep cut Daredevil costume I wore.

Matthew Erao I'm Not Daredevil cosplay