Update: It appears as though James Gunn has deleted the tweets debunking the Russo brothers account. You can see his original responses in the article below.

Shortly after Captain America: The Winter Soldier was released last year, a Twitter account popped up claiming to be the official Twitter account for the Russo brothers – Anthony & Joe Russo. To this day, the account has only posted one tweet, and it has never been verified as an official account. However, interestingly enough, it has also never been confirmed as a fake account [prior to today].

So when Devin of Birth.Movies.Death. came upon a new Twitter account that seemed to be for the Russo brothers, having heard through a source that they’d started a Twitter account that they were using to post behind the scenes photos from the set of Civil War, it made sense. The Twitter account that he found was @Russo_Brothers.

Oddly enough, while the other Russo brothers account had a picture of them, this one didn’t. There was nothing really tying it to them – nothing to indicate that the account was entirely legit. On the other hand, the account didn’t do anything to make it stand out either. It never tried to draw attention to itself. It only followed a few accounts, and when it posted mysterious photos, it never bothered to include hashtags. Again – it didn’t seem like it wanted to be discovered, which is usually the entire purpose of fake accounts, to be noticed.

So, is the account legit? That is where things get even more interesting. Today, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn responded to a fan on Twitter stating that the account was not legit, and that Joe Russo denied having any form of social media. Given that the Marvel family is close, it seems easy to write off this mysterious account, but here’s the thing: the account is still actively posting photos – one of which makes it seem legit (shown below) – and they haven’t bothered to respond to Gunn’s statements about the account being fake.

This is the latest tweet from the account, and if you look closely, it looks like the photo shows a call sheet for Sputnik – which is the name being used for the production.

(Spoiler Warning: This next bit is going to refer to the post credits scene from Ant-Man, skip over this section if you haven’t seen the film.)

Another interesting tweet is the first one that the account posted back on July 7th. All we see is a figure walking down a hallway with what appears to be a flashlight in hand. It doesn’t seem that interesting at first, until you see the post credits scene from Ant-Man. Again, this is nothing but speculation here, as we don’t know if this account is legit, but as Devin pointed out in this write-up it appears to be in a similar location to where Falcon and Captain America are holding Bucky.

And then there is this tweet that appears to be of a shirt/sweatshirt with the number 108 legible. It seems odd, until you consider the fact that Peter Parker attends Midtown High School, a.k.a. Public School 108. Why does this matter? Because Tom Holland‘s Peter Parker will make his debut as Spider-Man in Civil War before going on to headline his own movie the following summer.

And then things continue to get even stranger. Yesterday, Marvel co-president Louis D’Esposito was actually following the account, as was producer Jeremy Latcham. They’ve both since quietly unfollowed the account without posting any sort of message indicating that it was a fake. (They both follow Devin on Twitter, so it’s more than likely how they came about the account.) Given that they’re involved with all of the Marvel productions, it seems as though they’d be sure to tell fans about fake accounts, especially after how much attention this account has garnered over the span of twenty-four hours. That has yet to happen. So while it’s hard to say if the account is legit at this point, it is worth keeping it on your radar.

Captain America: Civil War will hit movie theaters on May 6th, 2016.