Several hours ago, fans who weren’t fortunate enough to catch the Daredevil panel Saturday evening in New York got to see the teaser for the second season in a very crappy bootlegged form. A clear sign of rabid desperation. But regardless of quality, fans needed that Season 2 fix. Through the machinations of HYDRA, it appears that an HD version of that trailer has hit the net, causing fans – such as I – to move on from desperation to obsession. I present to you an intricate breakdown of the 30 second season 2 teaser of Daredevil.

The teaser opens with a shot of the New York skyline. In the foreground, a cemetery. Presumably the one where we buried Ben Urich. Given the teased violence for this upcoming season, we could maybe expect to spend a bit more time here.

“Father, why do I still feel guilty?”

Here’s a first we haven’t seen in the first season; all three of them sitting on a pew in church. We are all made aware of Matt Murdock’s religious devotion to Christianity, Karen Page’s agnostic belief in God and Foggy’s belief in meat butchering. So it’s a little bit of a surprise to see the three of them together in church. A sign of grim things to come perhaps. As Father Lantom puts it “Nothing drives people faster to church than the thought of the Devil clawing behind their backs.” Speaking of Father Lantom…

“Guilt can be a good thing.”

Some of the most poignant scenes in all of the MCU were the scenes of Matt Murdock conversing with the wise reverend Father Lantom. It’s relieving (not that we need to be relieved) to see such a great character come back.

The very beautiful Claire Temple played by Rosario Dawson shows up. Again nothing to be surprised about but its a welcoming thing to see her back. We last see her tending to Matt Murdock’s wounds before his final showdown with the Kingpin. Claire informs Matt of her moving away to a new unspecified state. Judging by her return and appearances in Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, it’s a safe bet that it’s a short trip.

Another very peculiar shot. This could mean anything out of context but it seems a bit out of the blue for Foggy to stand beside armed law enforcement, looking intensely desperate at whatever they’re about to fire upon. Are his loved ones in the line of fire?

“It’s a soul’s call to action.”

This to me is the most fucking exciting shot of the teaser. Looking straight out a horror film, we get a second glimpse worth of the new Daredevil suit and it looks amazing. Strong emphasis on looks. Seemingly gone are the black patches that was all over the chest area of the suit. Unless this is a totally plain black costume, it seems like we’re getting all red this season. Again, this is totally me reaching. We could be duped by the Nicolas Winding-Refn lighting and still get something closer to the Season 1 costume. It’s up in the air until we actually see it clearly but I’m crossing my fingers this is it.

A beautiful first look at Elodie Yung‘s Elektra. She isn’t rocking the iconic bandana but man is she looking spot on. Not much else can be said except that it’s a pretty cool costume tease. Can’t wait to see the rest of it.

“An indication that…”

A shotgun shell in a hospital. Who could do such a dire act such as shooting up a hospital?! Who in the right mind would hurt the sick and injured?!

“… your work is not yet finished.”

Frank Castle would. Or at least that’s what the trailer is contextually saying. We see Karen Page analyze a series of crime scene pictures which for whatever reason includes an x-ray photo of a skull. Frank Castle’s calling card perhaps? Whatever the reason is, its a damn brilliant tease for what is one of the most iconic comic book symbols in pop culture history.


The moneyshot. Our first look at the Punisher via Jon Bernthal‘s constantly-rubbed head. He’s in a hospital with a fucking gun in his hand. A very Frank thing to read in the comics, let alone to see in live-action. Contextually, it ties in to the earlier hospital shot with the shotgun shell. The context? It’s likely Frank finishing the job and tying up loose ends. You know, murdering criminals in a hospital. #justpunisherthings

All in all, this was a pretty sweet 30 second teaser. From the looks of how they’re setting it up, Frank Castle is our likely big bad for the second season with Elektra being a second. This is all just conjecture so I could be all wrong by the end of the first episode. Regardless, I’m very excited on how this all turns out.

Also, let me shamelessly plug my somewhat relevant personal tribute to phenomenal first season. Hope you guys check it out!