When it was announced last year that Daredevil would be getting a second season on Netflix, it was also revealed that the showrunner from season one, Steven S. DeKnight would not be returning. In his place, Marco Ramirez and Doug Petrie, who had both worked alongside him during season one, would step up to serve as the showrunners for season two. At the time, it was a bit surprising for fans who had praised the series as being some of the best work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date, but as the season two trailers have proven, the series has remains in more than capable hands. Speaking with Variety during the season two premiere this past week, both Ramirez and Petrie, alongside series newcomer Jon Bernthal (Frank Castle/the Punisher), talked about the upcoming season and what we can expect.

“We were both on Season One, and we loved what Drew and Steven were doing, so continuing from what they were doing felt very natural,” said Petrie, who had worked with both of the previous showrunners as part of the writer’s room for “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” “We didn’t feel any pressure, except for the internal pressure of, ‘let’s get this right and let’s have the fun we want to see.’”

Ramirez went on to add to Petrie’s comment about them not feeling any real pressure, claiming that it was more of a “restraint” thing – something we saw in full force during the first season. The show took its time with the characters, allowing them to grow into their characters over the course of those thirteen hours. This was something they wanted in season two, too, to make it feel organic.

“It’s an exercise in artful restraint, I think, in how we introduce them,” Ramirez said. “It feels like we’re very conscious of mixing in ingredients organically, and we’re fans too, but we didn’t want it to feel like we were rushing towards things fans might want. We wanted it to be accessible to people who didn’t know the source material, and maybe didn’t know the characters before.”

Variety also had the chance to speak to Bernthal about his role as the Punisher, and what helped him tackle such an iconic character for the series. As Bernthal has mentioned before, his role as a father and husband certainly helped him to shape the character.

“I’ve said it before, there’s no way I could have played this role if I wasn’t a husband and I wasn’t a father. Until you truly understand what it means to love something more than yourself, and to happily to give your life for something else in this world,” Bernthal said. “To really understand that, you come close to beginning to understand what it might be like to lose that love.

He also explained that he understood just how much the character meant to people, and he made sure to take all of that into account with his portrayal.

“I think it starts there,” Bernthal continued. “I will say, my way of working is to dive into a dark space — I think the character deserves that. I think it’s a character that means an enormous amount to a lot of people. It’s a character that resonated with law enforcement, the military, guys have gone into battle with the Punisher insignia on their body armor, people died for this country with that insignia on their equipment, so that’s something I take super seriously,” Bernthal said. “And I think it did require some serious isolation, and some pretty dark days. His life is over; it’s really important to dive into that fully.”

And while at the season two premiere, the folks over at Comicbook.com were also able to talk to Bernthal about his portrayal of the character.

While he also addressed the character’s importance yet again, he also explained how we’ll see Frank Castle change over the course of the second season.

“Also, I think that this is different. This is a thirteen-hour dive into who this guy is. It gives you a chance to grow, gives you a chance to evolve. The Punisher that’s introduced – the Frank Castle that’s introduced, in the beginning of the season is not The Punisher, he’s going to develop [into that],” Bernthal said. “What I set out to do, and what I hope we did is something that honors the fans, honors the character, but is also unique. I had to make him my own.”

The second season of Daredevil will hit the streaming service next week. Until then, you can re-watch the first season as well as the equally excellent Jessica Jones.

Sources: Variety and Comicbook.com.