Earlier this week, Charlie Cox said that The Defenders would begin filming late in 2016. Thinking that “late 2016” would involve filming through the winter, and possibly into 2017, we put together a timeline that included Jessica Jones season two before The Defenders. But apparently, according to Season Zero, The Defenders is coming faster than we thought, and will begin filming in August.

Way to promptly screw up our timeline, Marvel.

This means that Jessica Jones season two will likely follow The Defenders, pushing it to later in 2017. Assuming that Marvel still keeps to the six-month-between-series rule that they haven’t announced any intention of changing, this is what the timeline may look like:

  • September 30, 2016: Luke Cage
  • Spring 2017: Iron Fist (Films April-August)
  • Fall 2017: The Defenders (Filming August to October, 2016)
  • Spring 2018: Jessica Jones, season two (Writers room is in the staffing stage)

These waits sound unbearable. I know that on the movie side, we are talking about releases that are to come in 2019, but we are used to waiting three years between movies. With these Netflix series, we are so deep into the characters’ lives that waiting over two years for a new series from each character is torture. I sincerely hope that any official announcement regarding The Defenders timeline includes a change to the number of shows that they will release each year.

Season Zero followed up with news that The Defenders will be eight episodes, but they also stated that this is not yet confirmed. We have heard from the beginning that The Defenders would be a mini-series, so this isn’t too surprising.

With a shorter season, it’s possible that we’ll get The Defenders without the six-month gap between shows. Perhaps a summer release in 2017, speeding up the delivery of Jessica Jones. As I said before, 5% of my brain is always considering the potential plans for Marvel Netflix shows. So here’s my current preferred timeline:

  • September 30, 2016: Luke Cage
  • Spring 2017: Iron Fist (Films April-August)
  • Summer 2017: The Defenders (Filming August to October, 2016)
  • Fall 2017: Jessica Jones, Season Two (Writers room is in the staffing stage)
  • Spring 2018: Daredevil, Season Three (No, it hasn’t been announced, but it has to be happening)

We are assuming that Iron Fist is shooting today because of a tweet from Jessica Henwick‘s. The actress is playing Colleen Wing in the series. Even if she is showing up on day one of costume fitting, there are film permits for locations to film on Monday, the 18th, so things are kicking off at some point over the next week.

With all of that speculation, I’m sure Marvel will release more information tomorrow that will turn it all sideways. Trust that I’ll be here, ready to over-analyze the details as if it’s the newest Doctor Strange trailer. In the meantime, tell me what you think their plan is!

Source: Season Zero