San Diego Comic-Con has officially started, and we’re expecting big things from Marvel this year. With the Doctor Strange premiere a few months away, there should be plenty of Strange news to come from this years festivities. And from the looks of the Marvel booth, it appears that Doctor Strange is set to make a big push for their latest soon-to-be blockbuster.

At the Marvel booth at #sdcc. They’re still setting up. Not close to done. Looks like they’re pushing Doctor Strange hard.

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The first news to come from the official Marvel channels at the start of the convention is a look at the display they have brought, which includes the costumes for Doctor Strange.

The video includes the costumes for Mordo, Strange, and the Ancient One, and they look fantastic!

A later tweet gives us a nice, up close view of the Eye of Agamotto.

This is a great, clear look at the costumes, and probably only the beginning of the excitement to come over the next few days. How awesome are these costumes? Let us know in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned, here, as we gather all the MCU news coming out of San Diego Comic-Con and share it with you!

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