In addition to casting for Kamala’s family getting underway, it seems like the search for the villain of the series is too, as they’re looking for someone to fill the role of “Birdman”. Those who are familiar with Ms. Marvel should be able to tell that the designation “Birdman” is obviously referring to the first villain Kamala ever fought, The Inventor. A clone of Thomas Edison, but due to a mishap, wound up in the form of an anthropomorphic cockatiel. He only ever appeared prominently in Ms. Marvel’s second arc, Generation Why, before being killed off. But, he has since remained one of Kamala’s most popular villains, despite his short tenure as one.

Now, this casting could also be referring to Gregory Knox, who is the one that actually created The Inventor. The man behind the birdman. However, he was never as popular a villain as his creation with even original Ms. Marvel writer, G. Willow Wilson, making a joke about this in the comic by having Knox wear a cockatiel costume when fighting Ms. Marvel in a later arc.

The costume Knox wears when confronting Ms. Marvel

I do have a feeling that they could very well abandon Knox entirely and make The Inventor an independent entity all on his own. Not only because this would streamline the character, but the actual birdman himself was far more popular than his creator ever was, despite dying so early on in Kamala’s story.

Source: GWW