On the 13th Episode of MCUEx, hosts Doug Herring, Addie Brie Hays, and Jeremy Stewart discuss the most recent news of the MCU, including the recently-announced Punisher series on Netflix, Captain America’s impressive box office performance, and Jon Favreau suggesting he might return to direct a Marvel Movie!

Show Notes

  • 2:11 – Punisher Series Confirmed – Article Here

  • 4:44 – Russo Brothers Want Namor, Great Lakes Avengers, and a Black Widow Movie – Article Here

  • 9:21 – Infinity War Movies to Get New Titles – Article Here

  • 14:02 – LGBT Character Coming to the MCU – Article Here

  • 19:06 – Civil War Sets Presale Records – Article Here

  • 22:23 – Conflicting ‘Most Wanted‘ Reports – Article Here

  • 25:06 – Main Discussion: Jon Favreau Open to MCU Return – Article Here

Intro Video by Grant S – Intro Music by ComaCoz

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