Doug and Nick are back for another week of Marvel news discussion, and off-topic messing around. In this week’s episode, we discuss which characters might show up in Infinity War, Marvel’s first Emmy Win, a Batman movie starring the muppets, and much more. Plus, stick around after it’s all over for a special post-credits scene!


  • 0:20 – Russo Brothers Discuss ‘Infinity War’ Characters’ (Article here.)

  • 14:14 – ‘Jessica Jones’ Wins Marvel’s First Emmy (Article here.)

  • 20:24 – The Muppets Batman Movie Discussion

  • 23:11 – Marvel’s NYCC Lineup (Article here.)

  • 29:25 – Nick’s “Karate Talent Show” Story

  • 31:14- Chadwick Boseman Praises Tom Holland (Article here.)

  • 35:00 – Doc Ock Singing

  • 39:20 – Rebecca Hall on Her Original ‘Iron Man 3’ Role (Article here.)

  • 48:37 – Post-Credits Scene