MCUEx Hosts Doug Herring and Addie Brie Hays are back after a week-long break with some exciting news stories about the Marvel Cinematic Universe and an important announcement bout MCUEx’s schedule. Starting next week, MCUEx will be moving from Friday afternoons to Saturdays in order to make sure we’re bringing you the most updated news as we possibly can!


  • 3:00 – Thor: Ragnarok Cast Revealed (Story here)

  • 6:32 – Jeri Hogarth to Return for Iron Fist (Story here)

  • 8:18 – Marvel Wants to Film Parts of Black Panther in Africa (Story here)

  • 9:13 – Disney/Netflix Deal to Start in September (Story here

  • 12:36 – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Finale Discussion

  • 16:55 – Main Discussion: Michael Keaton Back In Spider-Man: Homecoming Talks and Villain Rumors (Stories here and here)

Intro Video by Grant S – Intro Music by ComaCoz

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