While it’s not unusual for everything in the MCU to be connected, it’s possible that everything we have seen, up until this point, will culminate in Captain America: Civil War. Marvel has built a world where we know what makes Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) and Captain America (Chris Evans) tick, we know why they are fighting, and we know their morals. Having journeyed with them in their own movies, and their team-ups in The Avengers series, we know their faults, as well as their strengths.

This new video, released by Marvel, reminds us of the journey we have taken with the two primary characters in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War. This isn’t the story of two random super-heroes going to battle, it’s characters that we know inside and out. The video includes clips from past movies foreshadowing the big battle that is yet to come.

While there isn’t anything new in this video, it is a cute effort on the part of Marvel to make something fractionally as awesome as the MCU Exchange Supercut that shows what is leading up to Civil War. (You can watch ours below!) Which makes you more excited for the Captain America: Civil War premiere on May 6?

Source: Marvel Entertainment