At the Luke Cage Panel for San Diego Comic-Con this evening, we knew we would get exciting footage from the upcoming series, but Marvel started the presentation with a bang by bringing out Jon Bernthal, the star of the upcoming Punisher series.

Bernthal was presented as a part of security, then demanded to see the sizzle reel that was presented at the beginning of the panel a second time. He seemed much happier afterward. Loeb then interviewed Bernthal about the impact of the role on his life, as reported by the Marvel live blog.

Jeph Loeb, of Marvel Television, asked Jon what it was like to get asked to do a Punisher TV series, Jon clearly knows how much the character means to everyone and accepted with honor, feeling eternally grateful.

Jeph asks how Jon’s life has changed, now that he’s Frank Castle. Jon said Marvel fans are the greatest in the world and he can’t express his gratitude. He loves his family harder, squeezes his kids even harder.

Jon had to leave the stage so that the Luke Cage cast could have their moment in the spotlight. Loab has promised more surprises for the evening, so stay tuned, right here on the MCU Exchange!

Source: Marvel