Marvel’s fifth Netflix series, The Punisher has started filming in Brooklyn, and the first set photos have already surfaced. In addition to these pictures, we now also know the production title for the series, and it’s…pretty boring. The Punisher‘s working title during production will be simply Crime, following the other Netflix shows’ pattern of single-word codenames. Previously, Marvel has used production titles such as “Bluff” (Daredevil season 1), “Violet” (Jessica Jones), “Ringside” (Daredevil season 2), “Tiara” (Luke Cage), and “Kick” (Iron Fist). While the other production titles have an obvious connection to the actual show name, “Crime” is about as generic as a title can possibly be.

A previous report in September claimed that the production title for The Punisher would be “Bullet Time”, while The Defenders would be filmed under the name “Fearless”. Obviously, with this new information it’s safe to say that neither of those titles are accurate, though “Bullet Time” does sound like a better name than “Crime”.

With New York Comic Con this weekend, we’re likely to receive some casting news for the series–either on Saturday’s Iron Fist panel, or, more likely, Sunday’s panel dedicated to the Punisher himself, Jon Bernthal.

Let us know in the comments below what you think of “Crime” as The Punisher‘s production title, and what you hope gets announced this weekend at NYCC!