Finally, The Punisher‘s second season is only a month away. We still do not have an official release date or a trailer. Luckily, Collider got to visit the set earlier in the year and sit down with the showrunner Steve Lightfoot and its cast to discuss what is heading our way in the latest season. Frank will be returning to the Punisher outfit due to his run-in with a girl named Amy and it seems the Christian fundamentalist John Pilgrim will be responsible for Frank returning to his more violent tendencies. Josh Stewart, most known for roles in Dark Knight Rises and Interstellar will be playing the latest addition to the MCU. His Christian fundamentalist beliefs and own violent tendencies will be an interesting contrast to Frank’s own strong beliefs. Stewart highlighted this internal rage in his character description.

“On the exterior, he’s a man who is a Christian Fundamentalist who had a rage, a violent side of him. It’s buried deep. I think where this is all headed, that sort of side of him is going to resurface a bit.”

Pilgrim won’t be the only adversary that Frank must face, as another familiar face will be returning in the second season. Billy Russo, who had been deeply scarred by Frank at the end of the first season, will be back with a vengeance. A while back, we already saw his new look thanks to some leaked set pictures and he certainly recovered better than his comic book incarnation. It seems that the guy has suffered more at the hand of Frank’s actions and it will play into the overall storyline of the second season, especially going by Collider’s summary of the character.

Billy Russo is still deep in recovery for the face-slicing beatdown delivered by Frank Castle in the season one premiere, still suffering from brain damage, memory issues, and self-pity. Barnes compared season two Billy Russo with the vulnerability of Vincent D’Onofrio‘s Daredevil season one Wilson Fisk.

It will be interesting to see how the characters brain damage will play into the overall story. We might see a very damaged character flip between seeking return or a man remembering his old friend. There still is no hint on how his character will tie into the overall story. They seem to be taking inspiration from the Suicide Run storyline, especially with the introduction of Amy Bendix (Giorgia Whigham). Russo might find solace in the religious Pilgrim, who makes use of his abilities. As a result, Frank and Russo’s paths once again cross and will lead to a final confrontation between the two. Perhaps it will become a running thing that Billy’s face gets more and more messed up as time goes on until he truly becomes the man known as Jigsaw.

What do you think of the villains? How do you think they will play in the story?

Source: Collider