Anthony and Joe Russo have definitely had a lot to say recently. As the directors of Captain America: Civil War and the upcoming (and soon to be renamed) Avengers: Infinity War movies, it’s hard not to get excited by the small teases they’ve been dropping in recent interviews while making the press rounds. As they did with Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and now Captain America: Civil War, the brothers have proven that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is very capable hands.

Uproxx shared a recent interview they conducted with the Russo Brothers, which started with a deep discussion from the common question leading up to Captain America: Civil War. As the marketing has done a fantastic job at showing leading up to the release, sides are drawn in the movie, and fans have been asked to pick their side. What do the Russo brothers think of Team Cap and Team Iron Man?

Joe: You would have thought it would have easily have skewed in Cap’s favor. I think it’s a real sign of the times that we’re finding a lot of people who are for government oversight regulation.

Anthony: [Iron Man] has some valid points. And he’s very emotionally vulnerable, so you can empathize with him on that level.

Joe and Anthony are obviously happy with the reception of Captain America: Civil War so far, from both fans & critics alike, but their happiness isn’t only as film-makers. The men are also fans of the Marvel Comics, and have been since they were children. Joe credits “flawed and interesting” characters as to why he was drawn to Marvel, but it was also their vulnerability.

Joe: I always had a really hard time getting into Superman as a kid. There just wasn’t a lot of vulnerability there for me. I loved Batman. He’s the one DC character I really loved.

I found that Martian Manhunter was the Martian Superman. Wonder Woman was the female Superman. There was repetitiveness in their characters. Aquaman is the sea Superman. Where I found that Marvel was building characters that are flawed and unique. Spider-Man was my favorite character growing up. I loved Wolverine.

While they may not ever get a chance to bring Wolverine into the MCU, they were responsible for the debut of Tom Holland as Spider-Man, a character fans thought they’d never get to see on screen alongside his fellow Avengers. They have both continuously talked about their love for the character, and it was their push for him that helped make it possible for him to appear both in Civil War, as well as the overall MCU. So naturally, the folks at Uproxx had to ask them what it was like being able to bring Spidey home.

Joe: Are you kidding? That was a sheer force of will to get him into the movie based on my love of the character. There’s no universe where two studios should be sharing a billion dollar piece of IP – beyond the fact that there were a lot of circumstances that lined up to allow this to happen.

Over the years, there have been plenty of rumors suggesting that Marvel was difficult to work with, not allowing their directors to really present their vision of a film – something that gained more steam with Edgar Wright abruptly left Ant-Man shortly before production was set to begin back in 2014. However, as people continued to spew those rumors, people working with the studio, such as James Gunn, as well as the Russo brothers, have made it a point to reiterate that those rumors simply are not true.

Joe: There’s this misperception about the way that Marvel works. You have to remember, too, it’s a very different place than it was two years ago.

And why is Marvel so different now? Well it has everything to do with Kevin Feige leapfrogging Ike Perlmutter. This has made the creative process faster and has seemed to help out tremendously.

Anthony: It is different. We obviously have to see our vision of the movie to Kevin Feige. Our job is to go, here’s the movie we want to make, and sell it to him.

Joe: But it’s no different than the process at any other studio where you’re dealing with a studio head who is writing a check for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Anthony: Kevin would then have to then sell that vision to “someone else.” Now he doesn’t have to.

Joe: Anytime you streamline communication, you’re doing better work.

Following Captain America: Civil War – which starts rolling out into theaters tonight! – the Russo brothers will be tackling the next two Avengers films for Marvel, something they’re already hard at work on behind the scenes. With filming set to kick off later this year, Joe & Anthony Russo will be turning their full attention to that project relatively soon. So what we do know about Infinity War? We know that the first installment will be devoted to properly introducing Thanos who hasn’t had much momentum up until this point. The lack of screen time has given Twitter the chance make a number of spoof accounts making fun of the character, and there is one in particular that they seem to enjoy.

Joe: Have you read that great Twitter account? What is it, Lonely Thanos?

Anthony: It is Lonely Thanos. It’s amazing.

Joe: It’s ingenious.

Anthony: We have no idea who is behind it.

Joe: It’s one of the funniest things we’ve ever read.

Anthony: It’s just Thanos talking about how he has no Infinity Stones.

Joe: We sit around with Kevin Feige and just laugh and laugh and laugh. He’s obsessed with it.

We laugh about it all the time.

Anthony: Because it’s so true.

Joe: For us, as creators, we go, “Where do we go with this character? How do we fix this perception?”

Be careful, guys. Thanos knows you are talking about him.

Captain America: Civil War is out in theaters starting tomorrow, in the United States (with some showings tonight), and is already playing in some countries. Let us know what you think of the work the Russo Brothers are doing in the comments below!

Source: Uproxx.