Although Jessica Jones found itself the recipient of plenty of (well-deserved) acclaim following the premiere of the show’s first season, there was one issue that was hard to ignore. The series, which served as Marvel’s second series to be headlined by a female hero, fell victim to one of the issues many of Marvel’s TV shows problems face – the series lacked much diversity behind the camera. Sure, it had a female showrunner, and most of the main cast consisted of kickass women, but the first season only saw the series bring in three female directors. (To be fair, the show did fair better than both seasons of Agent Carter, which only had one female director over the span of two seasons.)

At a time when fans are eager to see more opportunities provided for both women and people of color, that’s a noticeable issue. Thankfully, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has done a great job of being more inclusive and Marvel Studios is finally beginning to add more diversity both in front of and behind the camera. But the Netflix shows haven’t done as well at this. Which is why news that Jessica Jones showrunner, Melissa Rosenberg, has promised to bring in all female talent to direct the second season is HUGE.

The news was dropped by Rosenberg during her Transform Hollywood panel. It’s a huge, huge move, one that comes after renown director Ava DuVernay did just that with her OWN series, Queen Sugar. Per Variety, Rosenberg initially set out to seek female talent first, in order to increase the female talent behind the camera but when someone else involved with the series suggested bringing in only women, she jumped at the chance.

Rosenberg said that in the second season of the superhero show, she had wanted to increase the number of female directors — a goal that Marvel was completely on board with, she noted. Given how in-demand many women directors are these days, she and her fellow producers had set their sights on booking women first, she said, and contracting male directors later in the pre-production process.

But then someone else involved in the production — she didn’t specify who — floated the idea of booking only women as directors. Rosenberg was honest about the fact that she hadn’t contemplated that concept prior to that conversation, but she said she quickly jumped at the opportunity.

Given that the second season of Jessica Jones isn’t set to begin production until after The Defenders, which should begin in about two weeks, it’s highly unlikely we’ll be hearing about who Rosenberg and company have brought in to direct the highly anticipated season. But we can at least get excited at knowing that the pieces are falling into place for season two!

The excellent first season of Jessica Jones is currently streaming on Netflix.

Source: Twitter and Variety.