Those of you who have followed director Scott Derrickson on social media during the production of Doctor Strange can probably get a sense of how passionate he has been about the upcoming film; however, I don’t think anyone really knew just how far Derrickson pushed it to land the gig. In a recent interview with Be, he detailed what he went through and spent in his pursuit of the directorial position of Doctor Strange.

I spent an extreme amount of money in creating my visual presentation to get this job,” said Derrickson. “I spent an obnoxious amount of my own money,” he added. “I did storyboards – I hired professional storyboard artists. I pre-wrote a 12-page scene in the movie and illustrated it completely and created my own concept art. [Then] I went in and did a 90-minute presentation that cost me a LOT of money.

Derrickson clearly went all-in to land the position and his gamble paid off when he landed the job early in June of 2014. Apparently, the original work he did was impressive enough to survive the creative process and make it into the final cut of the film. “The great thing was that when I got the job they had to buy it all off me,” Derrickson said. “Because one of the set pieces in the middle of the movie was one of the scenes that I wrote and they had to own everything, because a lot of it ended up being in the movie we made. So I got a lot of that money back. But I was committed, I was going to out-spend every competing director.

Derrickson concluded by saying,“I just knew that to get the job I had to show that I wanted it more than anyone.” As fans, I don’t know that there’s much else we could as for than that. Many times people have questioned some of Marvel Studios’ choices to direct their films and there’s a healthy dose of skepticism out there as to how well Derrickson’s entry will stand up against the existing films. The level of commitment he had combined with Marvel Studios’ track record and the iron will of Kevin Feige to get this film made makes me think we are in for an incredibly entertaining film.

We’ll all find out soon as Doctor Strange opens overseas next week and state side on November 4th!

SOURCE: Be Entertainment