Now that the team is aware that the Agent they’ve been working with the past couple weeks is not, in fact, the real Malinda May, Coulson and Co. are now setting their sights on her rescue. For us viewers, we’re still not entirely sure where the real May even is. Last we saw, she was being held prisoner at Dr. Radcliffe’s private lab, guarded by Aida. But as we saw in this week’s episode, Radcliffe and Aida are currently with “The Superior” on some super secret submarine in the ocean.

As the promo (viewable above) seems to imply, Radcliffe has given up his ocean faring ways and has returned to land – could he be coming to retrieve the real May? If so, it’d obviously be the perfect time for the team to try and grab her.

Additionally, the promo shows Director Mace aka “The Patriot” back in action and assumingly back under the influence of the poor man’s Super Solider Serum based on the way he’s swatting away bad guys in the preview. It’s interesting to throw him back in action after the reveal that his powers are not, in fact, from Inhuman origins but rather a man-made serum. You can probably expect him to get kidnapped at some point and his lack of powers becoming a major story point again in the near future.

All in all, while the LMD arc has been interesting enough, I’m ready for them to move onto the next chapter of this season. Do you think the team is going to rescue May or do you think we might finally get another major death? I for one would be happy to see them really break up the team emotionally again with the death of a key team member.

Source: TV Promos