Here’s something you can file in the “NO DUH” folder. Theo Rossi, who played Shades in Luke Cage, just confirmed his return to the second season in an interview with Parade, an expected revelation but a very welcome one at that. And with his character tied to Mariah Dillard, I’d take it to the bank that Alfre Woodard would be returning as well.

Luke Cage is going down, [we’re in] season two. We’re pretty excited, it’ll be nice to get back into the swing.

One of the things that got me hyped AF watching Luke Cage was seeing how the character of Shades would pan out later in the series. You see, Shades is one of those Marvel characters that’s almost too-campy-but-not-quite for the corner they inhabit, which in this case is the street universe. Dude is practically Cyclops minus the prejudicial life experience and the gift of being born special. He wears a visor that shoots lasers a.k.a. one of my dream powers (next to peak human metabolism) so you can imagine my anticipation seeing the character progress further into the season and my disappointment realizing that in the finale, MCU Shades is really just a dude…… that likes wearing shades indoors.

So yeah I’m excited for Theo Rossi returning for Season 2 if only for the fact that they could develop him further into a villain with an actual physical edge over the rest. I’d like to see a henchman make his way up the ladder and become a threat and Shades is the perfect character for that advancement. Shades is a pretty great villain to watch in Luke Cage to begin with but there’s always room for more development. We know he has ties to Hammer Technologies so who’s to say they don’t hook him up with one of them gadgets based on the weapons Justin Hammer designed for War Machine.

What do you think of Rossi’s return to Luke Cage Season 2? Want to see him shoot lasers out of his eyes? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Parade