Actor Theo Rossi, who portrays the character Shades on the Netflix Marvel series Luke Cage understands the need to binge-watch some shows these days. As reported by recently during a photo shoot for the new show, Rossi has a feeling that something has shifted culturally with the way TV shows are consumed and how it may impact the consumption of the current MCU series.

From my last show to now, we’ve become a binge-watch society, so everything has changed. We’re watching this almost like a chapter in a book — it’s like you can’t watch one or two [episodes], you have to watch all 13. When I watch shows now on Netflix, I don’t know if a character was on two episodes or 20, I just know that they were in the story. It’s very different — I think it’s changed the game tremendously.

And he’s right, a recent study earlier this year showed that 70% of Americans binge-watch 5 episodes at a single sitting with 31% of respondents noting they binge on a weekly basis (that’s only 2.5 binge sessions for the new series). Indeed, the actor admits to doing it regularly himself.

My wife and I just banged out Stranger Things in [what] felt like four days, and we don’t usually have the time to do that, but we’re so obsessed with the show.

Rossi was known for a host of other roles before taking the part of Shades. He stumbled into acting while trying to figure out what to do with his life post-college and after attending the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute he moved to LA and started life in showbiz with small roles and walk-ons before hitting on his Malcolm in the Middle and Sons of Anarchy roles.

His Luke Cage role marks his return to NYC as the show is set in Harlem and he couldn’t be happier about that.

I felt like I was on loan to L.A., I always knew I would come back. I moved back and got the show like five minutes later, so it worked out pretty perfect.

Rossi also is enraptured with his “super shady” character Shades.

He’s the ultimate chess player, he knows what he’s doing five steps ahead. He uses humans as pawns in a way — he’s got this giant plan and he’s always moving forward. To play someone like him is extremely different because he’s an extremely cerebral character.

Find out how cerebral for yourself. All 13 episodes of Luke Cage are currently streaming on Netflix. Binge-watch for yourself and see exactly how shady Shades is.