Things may be slowing down behind the scenes for Marvel Studios but that isn’t stopping the occasional casting call secret from leaking to the nerdy press. According to Illuminerdi, the casting call for the highly-anticipated Thor: Love and Thunder reveals a new interesting addition to the main cast. A character named Zappa is being added into the fold and the production is looking for a young black male, either American or British, aged 11-12 to play someone who is “intelligent, fearless, mature, with a good sense of humor.”

The name is a clear reference to music legend Frank Zappa, hinting at the Thor franchise’s trend of incorporating iconic music into its DNA, but it’s a character that could have a totally different name in the final film. Having read the casting call weeks back, I was always under the impression that this character could have a connection to the late Heimdall, given the British element of the casting. Now, I’m thinking it could be Heimdall’s son that we never knew about or a reincarnated version of Heimdall himself since ideas of rebirth has been a constant in the Thor mythos.

Source: Illuminerdi