Last year in October, Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi teased the appearance of Korg. The Kronan made his first appearance in the Planet Hulk storyline and has made numerous appearances since. He even appeared in a heartfelt sequence featuring Bruce Banner during the Civil War II comic crossover. With Ragnarok combining elements from Thor’s comics and Planet Hulk, it was not too surprising that he would make an appearance. Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel Live, we even get our first footage of the stone warrior in action.

Korg certainly seems to be a character that many will come to love. As we have seen a Kronan in Thor: The Dark World, it is interesting that we see different versions of this race. We actually have seen the blue Kronan’s in a brief sequence throughout Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. We do know that he will be played by the director of the film and he has given the character a very memorable voice. Thor and Hulk are very loud characters, so the soft-spoken gladiator is a perfect straight man to witness their coming shenanigans.

The way he reacts towards Thor explaining how he uses his hammer to fly certainly highlights that fact. Hopefully, we might see Korg join the Revengers once they face off against Hela.  A great addition, this clip also confirms if Thor can fly without his hammer. The entire punchline also feels like a nice extension to the joke from the Team Thor short.

Do you like this version of Korg? Are you excited to see more of him in future films?

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