Marvel Studios is always full of surprises. One of the biggest was the brand new direction for the Thor franchise. The first trailers showcase a much more colorful world that is just waiting to be explored. Director Taika Waititi is going all-in with Jack Kirby inspired designs and adds a dash of Guardians of the Galaxy. After a lukewarm summer, the fall season has finally arrived and we are only a few months out until its official release. The film will face some strong competition, such as the big superhero crossover Justice League, the nostalgia road trip Blade Runner 2049 and much-anticipated action sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

Fandango used the opportunity to poll 1,000 movie fans on what they consider to be their most anticipated film for the fall. Not only did Ragnarok topped the list of most anticipated films, but Chris Hemsworth is also the most anticipated actor. This puts the film even ahead of DC’s ambitious Justice League, which will be quite a competitor this fall.

The film has built up quite a buzz since the first trailer released. It is not surprising that current predictions put the film at a great $100 million opening. There are good chances it might make even more, but in comparison to the previous entries, the franchise is seeing a steady increase in Box Office numbers. With James Gunn prepping the future of the cosmic universe, we may see a lot more fun romps through like Ragnarok.

Are you looking forward to seeing Thor: Ragnarok? How much do you think it will make?

Source: Variety