For a lot of Marvel fans, the Thor franchise has been the weakest of the three major MCU franchises outside of the Avengers and while production doesn’t begin till later next year, Thor: Ragnarok has been stealing the headlines recently. Earlier this month, it was reported that Marvel found the director in Taika Waititi and then yesterday, we got the news that Hulk could be co-starring as a way to adapt the Planet Hulk storyline.

Now, Devin Faraci over at Birth.Movies.Death has started revealing a few tidbits he has learned about what Thor: Ragnarok could entail. For starters, Faraci mentions that the script is so dark as of right now, that is why they chose a comedic director in Waititi to try and lighten the mood.

He also briefly touched on those latest Hulk rumors by saying,

One way that may happen is to up the humor between Thor and Hulk, who I have been led to believe will be not only appearing in the movie but will be playing a major role. The two heroes will be taking a cosmic road trip together, Hope and Crosby style.

During this expedition, it appears that we will be introduced to the Valkyrie. She is a powerful goddess warrior that has shared comic history with Thor (obviously) and Hulk. She was also one of the many causalities of the Ragnarok story in the comics, so it would be interesting to see who they cast in this role as well as how long she sticks around.

If the reports of Valkyrie showing up in Thor movies sounds familiar, that’s because it is. After Thor: The Dark World was released, artists released renditions of concept art they had done for the film, including the super-heroine.

Staying with Thor: Ragnarok, actor Ray Stevenson (Volstagg) was at NYCC this past weekend and IGN got a chance to talk to him about what he knows regarding the project. Of course, Stevenson does not know too much about the project or even if he will be included. It seems like a no-brainer to me that Volstagg and the other members of the Warriors Three will return, and Stevenson even said that Volstagg would jump at the chance to fight alongside Thor in a “heart beat.”

We should continue to get plenty of news on Thor: Ragnarok as the movie gets closer to starting production. Marvel still needs to confirm Waititi as the director, cast Valkyrie, Surtur, and hopefully Beta Ray Bill.

Thor: Ragnarok is scheduled to hit theaters November 17, 2017.

Sources: Birth.Movies.Death and IGN