As 2017 approaches we’re likely to start getting a little more news about what the MCU films have in store for us. We’ve already seen trailers for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Spider-Man: Homecoming but have heard precious little about the third MCU movie coming in 2017: Thor: Ragnarok. Thanks to a brief interview in Total Film, Ragnarok director Taika Waititi drops some small crumbs of information that go beyond Thor’s roommate issues and his never-ending glass of Strange Brau.

As noted in this MCU Exchange piece from the same interview, Waititi has confirmed the setting of Sakaar from the Planet Hulk storyline will be featured in the film.

In addition, he also opened up about the overall inspiration for the look of this installment of the Thor films. Specifically pulling comic-based inspiration from the undisputed KING of the Marvel comics page, Jack Kirby. Kirby drew the first appearances of both Thor and the Hulk lo those many years ago (and most of the other heroes come to that), and his power and style became closely associated with Marvel’s heyday. To bring Kirby’s stylistic visuals to the MCU would seem to be a real challenge, but not one that Waititi appears to be afraid of:

I was really excited when Kevin [Feige] and the rest of Marvel jumped on board with the idea to use Kirby as a big influence in the design of the film. What’s really hard is staying authentic.


It’s an interesting tact to take Thor in a different direction by harking back to his early comic days, so it will be interesting to see how this comes across on the screen.

The director wants this new visual component to aid in taking Thor into new frontiers, literally and figuratively, and present the character in ways that are, if not totally new, at least with a different slant than what has come before. Much the way Captain America: Winter Soldier did for the Cap films. In fact, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has often compared the upcoming Thor film to the second Cap feature, so there is some pressure involved according to Waititi:

The idea was always to take those first two movies and look at what they had to offer. But also, try not to make another episode. Try to make something very different.

While there is little argument that Thor’s second outing, Thor: The Dark World, was less than entirely satisfying to audiences who wanted more of what made the first Thor film so engaging, these new minor details about the third movie does pique the rising hopes of the audience at large. One hopes that as Ragnarok‘s November 3, 2017, opening day draws closer, we get to see a bit more.

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Source: Total Film