As McGregor and Mayweather prepare to face each other in one of the most high-profile fights of their careers, Marvel Studios continues to tease another upcoming major battle. They revealed brand new footage with the title “Main Event” on Twitter that teases a bit more of Marvel’s very own showdown from Thor: Ragnarok. Ever since the reveal that parts of Planet Hulk’s storyline will make it into the film, people are clamoring to finally see the full fight in action. Ever since the first Avengers had a short fight between them, we will finally get a full on fight between the two.

We are still a few months away from the official release in November, but such a high-profile fight does not come around so often to market the film. One major highlight will be them facing off in a gladiator ring. It does not seem to be as one-sided as one would think with Hulk being the strongest there is. We not only get more of the actual Thor-Hulk fight but also of some other action sequences. There are quite a lot of snippets from fights involving Hela. We get a bit more of Valkyrie’s fight with the god of death, which showcases her white armor some more. Ragnarok is shaping up to be Marvel Studios’ most action-heavy film and a lot of care was put into each fight sticking out on their own. The battles with Hela seem to involve a lot more swordplay, while Hulk’s showdown will be a classic hand-to-hand brawl.

Which action sequence are you looking forward to? What do you want to see in the Hulk-Thor fight?

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