Recently, CinemaCon revealed footage from the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok. The film is already highly anticipated, not only because it’s the third in the Thor series, but also because who doesn’t get excited for a Marvel movie? Unfortunately, we do not have the actual footage from CinemaCon but, we can talk about it!

As you can see, Thor looks different than we’ve previously seen him. First, what’s with the hair? Thor is always known for his long, glorious locks, but it seems someone got a haircut. We know that Thor and Hulk will fight in Sakaar’s gladiator-like pits and according to sources, there’s a moment where Thor is standing on Hulk’s shoulders. Good to see those two finally getting along.

While this isn’t the first we’ve heard of it, it’s great to get further confirmation that the Odinson will finally put back on his classic helmet! Thor: Ragnarok will hit the big screens November 3, 2017!

Source: Geeks of Color