The release of Thor: Ragnarok is just around the corner and people are getting pumped up to finally see it. People wondering if director Taika Waititi‘s own brand of humor meshed well with Thor were relieved when the first reviews hit online. We can now share more great news, as the third installment in the franchise is now officially certified fresh by the review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes. While it now has dropped to 96% on the website, at the time of the reveal, it was at a strong 98%. Maybe this entry into the MCU will manage to topple Iron Man, which still stands at #1 with a 94% review score.

When the first reviews came out, the film was standing at a strong 99% with 73 reviews published. Only one negative review kept the film from 100%. Director Taika Waititi took to Twitter to point out the fact that the negative review stems from Variety. It seems that they have generally not been fans of the director and his style of direction.

There is always the issue that criticism reflects a writer’s own personal opinion. Some see a film as a simple form of entertainment, while others prefer more nuanced and high-brow cinema. These different views highlight the diversity of the medium. Even if Marvel Studios’ films have gotten a lot of critical praise, they have also faced their fair share of criticism. Even with its 96%, Ragnarok has faced some criticism for continuing Marvel’s strong focus on comedy.

There also is the issue that critics also have their own bias going into films, just like every other viewer. If someone did not like the character of Thor or his overall franchise, it is difficult to truly change their mind that easily. The critic from Variety Peter Debruge gave Doctor Strange a positive review back in the day, but already voiced his displeasure of having to see Ragnarok, which shows in his review.

One common criticism is the fear of the franchise starting to repeat itself. Marvel Studios has been making films for almost ten years now and with its signature brand of humor, it is understandable that some feel that way. After many critics mentioning that the company seemed to be following a so-called Marvel formula, they have started to take more risks with their various projects. This has led to them turning Ragnarok into a film that takes inspiration from 80s space operas like Flash Gordon rather than the expected darker tone from a storyline with the title Ragnarok. There is a lot of potential with a franchise like the MCU and its diverse cast of characters. Who knows what Kevin Feige has in store for the future and what creative directions they will be heading into.

Source: Rotten Tomatoes

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