Last week, the embargo for the set reports from the Thor: Ragnarok set visit was lifted, unveiling a crap ton of news about the much awaited third outing for the son of Odin. Several details about the film were divulged including this bit about the comics that influenced the film. Speaking to Collider and a couple of other outlets, producer Brad Winderhaum revealed that they looked to the Thor tales of Jack Kirby, Walt Simonson, and Jason Aaron for reference.

I’ll tell you the three things we looked at the most. We’re pulling a lot stylistically from Kirby [but] we’re also looking at the Walt Simonson Ragnarok arc [and]… God of Thunder, the Jason Aaron book. We cherry pick[ed] really fun elements out of it [Simonson’s Ragnarok] both stylistically and narratively. In God of Thunder, “The villain Gorr has the very specific power of being able to manifest an infinite number of weapons. We’ve drafted that idea and are doing a version of that for Hela in our movie.

Given how Kirby and Simonson’s Thor stories boil the character down to his essence, the production team looking to them is pretty much a no-brainer. The more interesting bit is how they cherry picked one particular character trait from Jason Aaron‘s fresh run (whose influence is apparent in how Thor’s armor is designed in the film). A few years ago, Aaron kicked of a Thor series called God of Thunder where he brought back some of the old-age cosmic grandeur of previous Thor stories. He created a character referred to as Gorr the God Butcher that proved to be an incredibly powerful hard-to-get-rid-off foe for the God of Thunder thanks to the villain’s cruelty and possession of a weapon called “All-Black the Necrosword” which granted him the ability to create all kinds of dark weapons. The fact that they took these bits from this particular comic run tells me that Hela in Ragnarok will be a true force to be reckoned with. Like Gorr in Aaron’s run, we’re guessing Hela will have a weapon similar to the Necrosword in the film. Thor’s f–ed!

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Source: Collider

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