Thor: Ragnarok is just about 2 months away from opening in the United States and has built a substantial amount of buzz over the past several months. The combination of humor, the Hulk and the mean motor scooter that is the MCU has made Taika Waititi’s film one the most highly anticipated films of the year. According to a new long-range forecast from Box Office Pro, that anticipation might just lead to a $100 million opening weekend and a $250 million dollar domestic haul over the life of the film!

The trailers for the film have made it clear that this is a major departure from the tone of the first two Thor films, both of which opened below the $100 million mark (Thor opened at $65,723,338 in 2011 and Thor: The Dark World opened at $85,737,841 in 2013). Waititi has brought his signature sensibilities to the film, which promises to bring to life some of the more surreal and fantastical elements of the Thor comics. Those two factors, in addition to the inclusion of the Planet Hulk story line seem to have the film ascending as its release date draws near.

A $250,000,000 domestic take would be impressive, beating the totals of both previous Thor films and ending up with a total better than Doctor Strange and just below Captain America: The Winter Soldier, a film to which it has been compared in terms of the lasting impact it will have on the overarching MCU story. Of course these forecasts are just predictions based heavily on social media and could fluctuate either way at the time of release. However, it does seem that the changes that Kevin Feige and company made to the basic feel of the movie have paid off and that this Thor: Ragnarok is going to fare much better than originally anticipated.

SOURCE: Box Office Pro