2017 may not have been the best year for strong Box Office hits, but that never stopped any Marvel Studios productions. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Spider-Man: Homecoming almost broke the $900 million mark internationally. They also currently sit on the third and fourth spot of highest domestic earners of the year behind Wonder Woman and Beauty and the Beast. Now, many are wondering if Thor: Ragnarok may have the potential to surprise fans and surpass the other two. Current predictions still have it at around $100 million to $118 million, which puts it around the opening of Homecoming‘s domestic debut.

As of now, Ragnarok may have the potential to surpass Homecoming‘s opening Box Office. After a very lackluster October, Fandango is reporting that the film is out-selling the previous installment in the MCU. Moreover, it is far ahead of the other two films, which is great to hear in a time where sequels struggle to surpass their last installments. They also uncovered that a large part of the interest towards the film lies in the interactions between Thor and Hulk (97% of the survey), the funnier storyline (89%) and Cate Blanchett as Hela (88%).

The film has already managed to make quite an impact internationally. It made $109.1 million in 52% of the world’s markets. The film made 6% more than Guardians Vol. 2 and about 24% more than Doctor Strange did in the same markets by today’s exchange rates. It’s current highest incomes are from the UK, Korea, and Austria. It is currently tracking 34% ahead of Thor: The Dark World. Together with the release of Coco, Disney has passed the $4 billion mark globally. It still has yet to open in powerhouse China and other bigger markets. If the film can keep audiences interested to return a second time, we may see it even surpass the other 2017 releases of Marvel Studios.

How far do you think it will go? What are your predictions for the Box Office opening?

Source: Variety (Predictions), Variety (Fandango), Deadline

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