For the first time MCU Exchange has a correspondent on the ground in San Diego for the annual Comic Con. Our very own Brooklyn Wallace is there and attended preview night last night where she not only had a blast but caught a glimpse of some things of great interest among the dozens of collectibles being displayed by Hot Toys. Before you carry on, be aware that the  representative on site confirmed that the collectibles to include spoilers.

When we last saw Loki, the Prince of Lies had finally taken the throne of Asgard by feigning his death and impersonating Odin. We know that Thor: Ragnarok will see him teaming up with his brother and, if the trailer is any indicator, perhaps finally redeeming himself for all his misdeeds. This great looking collectible shows Loki is wielding his dual blades and looks impressive sporting his full helmet.

However, as we noticed last night, there’s a little more to the diorama than Loki and their inclusion in the collectible could indicate a twist to the film that we haven’t previously considered. Toward the center of the picture, you can clearly see two relics that we’ve seen before: the Casket of Ancient Winters and the Tesseract. Certainly, their inclusion in the collectible must relate in some way to Loki’s arc in the film!

The recent trailer for Avengers: Infinity War showed Loki, amid major destruction, in possession of the Tesseract and handing it over to someone, presumably Thanos, to whom he is still in debt. We’ve been told that the events of Thor: Ragnarok lead directly into Avengers: Infinity War and it seems that whatever happens on Asgard (which doesn’t sound good) will involve the Tesseract and the Casket of Ancient Winters which, presumably, went tumbling down a wormhole with Loki when he fell from the Bifrost during the climax of Thor.

Could Loki fake us all out again and betray his brother and the entire realm of Asgard in the fight against Hela? Or will Loki use these artifacts to save the day, becoming the hero we all really want him to be? Maybe we’ll get some answers this weekend when a new trailer for Thor: Ragnarok is expected to drop, but until then we are left on our own to wonder what mischief Loki will cause.