Lasts week, people of the Hollywood press were fortunate enough to attend an early screening of Thor: Ragnarok, just days before the movie had its actual premiere. Soon after they came out of those screenings, they were given the go-signal to share their initial thought about the film on social media. Needless to say, the reactions were more than positive with most pundits praising the film’s humor and bombastic tone. Now, the embargo for the formal written reviews of the press has been lifted and we have compiled the best of the best right here!

Indeed, Ragnarok is colorful and accessible and full of Taika Waititi’s playful spirit, and it does its part to raise the stakes of this particular Marvel franchise. Big stuff happens, stuff that will reverberate into Infinity War and possibly beyond, stuff you kind of can’t believe they actually went through with in this little segue before the whole team gets back together next summer.Mashable

There are moments that might bring a viewer back to the day’s news: a citizens’ uprising, an exodus of refugees. But amid the strife and the battles — on land and sea, in arenas and in the air — it’s the loose-limbed laughs that amp the story’s comic-book formula. In the evanescent Ragnarok, even the shock of grievous bodily injury evaporates before our eyes. What will linger when the weapons are withdrawn is the knowledge that you’ve been prepped for the inevitable next chapter.THR

There’s a lot more to the bloated story, but honestly, none of it is very interesting. In fact, it’s endless. You don’t care what’s happening or what’s going to happen next. We’re just led from place to place for a hash of foggy reasons that no one will ever remember 10 minutes after leaving the theater. But that’s not really the point of this movie. Ragnarok is basically a Joke Delivery System — and on that score, it works. The movie is fun. So to recap: Taika Waititi was mostly the right director for the job. Chris Hemsworth is hilarious. Tessa Thompson is going to be a star. And while Ragnarok’s story is an aimless mess, you won’t stop laughing. In other words, it’s a… BEntertainment Weekly

That’s the only reason why Thor: Ragnarok barely misses being in the very top tier of Marvel movies. Instead it’s right there on the edge, a very, very good movie that’s almost great. However, its saving grace is that a truly funny movie can still have a life beyond the screen and, unlike many of its predecessors, Thor: Ragnarok has that timeless potential. Long after the Marvel Cinematic Universe is over, odds are we’ll still be enjoying, rewatching, and quoting this crazy, hilarious movie.io9

Like a cosmic fever dream, Ragnarok is a disorientating cocktail of riotous colour and batty antics that seem almost unreal after the fact. Try to fit it into an established mould at your peril, but roll with this and you’ll discover not only a top-tier addition to the MCU, but one of the most flat-out enjoyable comedies of the year.Empire Online

You don’t have to have seen the lead-ups to “Thor: Ragnarok” to enjoy yourself, nor will your delight depend upon another five future movies to be announced later. There’s little pomp and even less circumstance, but its goofy pleasures are more than enough.The Wrap

How old is Thor? Thousands of years old? Millions? Whatever his technical age, he’s got way more miles on him than 34-year-old Chris Hemsworth’s mega-hardbody would suggest. His immortality and invincibility are an asset for superheroing, but they’re a major liability for his movies, because it’s almost impossible to care about a pompous god who can’t be killed. Figuring out ways to bring variation to an inherently static character has proven difficult for the Thor movies. Director Taika Waititi and the rest of the Marvel team’s smart idea with Thor: Ragnarok was to lean in to the notion that Thor laughs in the face of danger by creating a movie that’s almost non-stop jokes, and inviting the audience to laugh along with him.ScreenCrush

It all comes together to create a film that’s simply a joy to watch, with a personality that’s wholly its own. That’s no small feat, particularly given how saturated we are with superhero movies. And it is also worth noting that the quirks of Thor: Ragnarok may not be for everyone. There are no sacred cows in Waititi’s movie, and fans who prefer their superheroes straight-faced and without meta-commentary might chafe at its irreverence. But the willingness to play with genre tropes is one of the most exciting things about Thor: Ragnarok. Marvel felt comfortable letting Waititi bring his sensibilities to bear on the material, even if it might go a step too far for some viewers. That’s the kind of creative flexibility that has always seemed difficult for the studio to embrace. But with filmmakers like Waititi, Gunn, and Black Panther director Ryan Coogler all making their marks on the universe, perhaps we’re entering a phase where Marvel is embracing its directors’ individualistic voices instead of trying to beat them down.The Verge

Thor: Ragnarok is a goofy, kitschy- but- fun romp and the most purely entertaining of the three Thor movies, marked by its distinctive designs, ‘80s synth score, and assemblage of spirited characters. It’s carried by the excellent chemistry between Thor, Hulk, and Valkyrie, who give humanity to a visual effects-heavy spectacle that finally makes good on Thor’s title of God of Thunder. But it’s also a film fragmented by its clear preference for its B storyline (Sakaar) over its A storyline (Asgard). Thor: Ragnarok’s desire to go for the gag also hurts the movie in a few key serious moments that deserved to pack more punch than they did.IGN

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