Taika Waititi had quite a lot of fun when it came to teasing the runtime for his upcoming film. For some time, he kept proclaiming that Thor: Ragnarok would run for around 90 to 100 minutes. This would have made it the shortest running film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Some naturally got worried that a film jampacked with Hela, Asgardians, Hulk and their road trip through space would not work well with such a shortened run time. Luckily, it seems that the director truly was just having some fun, as the British Board of Film Classification has officially revealed that the film will run for 130 minutes and 21 seconds.

This officially makes it the longest-running film in the Thor franchise. Both Thor and The Dark World lasted around one hour and 50 minutes, which makes one wonder how long Avengers: Infinity War might end up being. It is great to see that the film will end up lasting longer than expected and it will most likely be quite a ride going by the released trailers. However, it would be interesting to see if Marvel Studios would attempt making a shorter and more smaller-scale film. It might be a fitting approach to these bombastic storylines once Phase 4 starts.

What are your thoughts on the runtime? Would you have preferred a short 10-minute film?

Source:  BBFC via ComicBookMovie.com

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