Some MCU fans were a bit apprehensive when Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi mentioned that a recent cut of the film was about 100 minutes. Fans like what they’ve seen of the trailer, and it shows through social media. If the movie is as good as they hope, the natural desire is to want more. And seeing how most Marvel films go over two hours, there is a fear of the story potentially being rushed.

These fans no longer need to worry, provided that Fandango’s information is accurate. Going to the Ragnarok page on their website reveals a running time of 2 hours and 10 minutes. Do some basic math and that turns out to be 130 minutes.

Usually I would say “take this with a grain of salt” as it could very well be a placeholder, but “2 hours and 10 minutes” seems specific enough that this could be legit information. But with still about two months left in post-production, things could change in the editing room. I can’t imagine that the filmmakers are still trying to break the structure of this story, but if any of this changes, we’ll be sure to put an update out. Interestingly enough, Waititi took to Twitter to either debunk this story or mess with outlets like us covering it. Here’s what the rascal posted.

Of course, running time doesn’t mean jack if the movie itself is no good. It’s not enough to simply be a longer movie – it has to know how to utilize that time as well. But given Waititi’s resumé and his sheer enthusiasm, I’m personally not too worried. The movie could just be another five-minute short with Darryl and I’d still probably enjoy it. Though I’m not shelling out the same amount of money for that.

What do you think of the running time for Thor being over two hours? Does it matter to you either way? Sound off below!

Source: Fandango