Hindsight is always 20/20 so it’s easy to find failures once a film is released. But for most, the 2011 film Thor, helmed by Kenneth Branagh, had a lot of positives. From the emphasis on life in Asgard, and relationships between Thor and his family, to the depiction of Jotunheim, there is much to appreciate from this film. Most notably it is the entry point for arguably Marvel’s biggest villain to date, Loki, who is played brilliantly by Tom Hiddleston. However, fans tend to agree that while the circumstances leading Thor (Chris Hemsworth) to be banished to Earth, the events that take place there are where the film could have been better. When co-screen writer Ashley Miller spoke to CinemaBlend he was asked what he would have changed. He acknowledged, the fight scene between Thor and The Destroyer could have had more meat.

“If there’s anything that I wish we could have done differently, I would have loved to have pumped up the battle with The Destroyer. I think that there was probably more to play there, and I think it was, again, difficult to realize on screen. Because that’s the moment of his [Thor’s] real transformation.”

The Destroyer does serve the purpose of being quite menacing while the audience waits for Thor to undoubtedly regain his power as the Odinson, however, once this occurs a short mini-boss battle ensues and the metal man is quickly dispatched. It shows off the strength of the title hero though and is a great fall from grace/zero to hero storyline. There are plenty of other aspects of earth which are pretty cringe worthy. Surprisingly, the way Jeremy Renner aka Hawkeye is introduced, and everything surrounding those scenes, don’t at least get an honorable mention. Perhaps it was a bit forced on the writer, but his lines are especially weak and the character served little purpose besides watching Thor take down agents. Shouldn’t he at least have an ankle rope arrow in there somewhere?

But as mentioned earlier, the film is a great introduction to the main character and the supporting cast, and that’s something Miller wouldn’t change.

“The thing I’m most proud of with Thor is that it worked, and that people walked out of that theater loving Thor and seeing Thor the way I love him, and the way I see him.”

Fans wouldn’t have done Thor any differently either, and after all Chris Hemsworth will go on to lead his third stint as the character when Thor: Ragnorak hits theaters next year.

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Source: CinemaBlend