Iron Fist is only a week away and it seems the marketing team is still ready to push out some motion posters for their cast. Up to this point the main focus was on the titular character played by Finn Jones and Colleen Wing, played by Jessica Henwick. Now it seems the Meachum family is getting more attention, as Ward Meachum (Tom Pelphrey) is the focus of this motion poster with the words “Family. Power. Respect. Regret”

This is quite interesting as it hints at a estranged relationship between Ward and his former friend Danny Rand. It’s also worth noting that while in the TV series he plays Joy’s brother, Ward in the comics he is actually Joy’s uncle, and the brother of Harold Meachum. His design is also quite different from the comics, where he and everyone else in the family are blonde.

Ward Meachum Iron Fist (1974)

Ward Meachum
Iron Fist (1974)

We also received another look at Colleen Wing in a new motion poster, which hints at the fact that she may be facing some adversity in the show. Maybe her having issues keeping her dojo afloat financially is the reason she gets involved with Danny Rand as part of the show.

That is not all, as we also received a very familiar looking poster for the show. It features all the main characters that have been revelead so far in what seems to be China Town. While it still has yet to show up in the show, the Avengers tower also returns in the background highlighting its existence within the MCU. Besides the characters, the poster also offers a look at some recurring places of the show including Rand Industries and Wing’s own training dojo.


What do you think of this promotional materials? Are you going to check out the show at release?

Source: IGN