Being a fan of the MCU is about to get a whole lot more interesting. A story we’ve been following for weeks seems to be coming to the only conclusion that ever made any sense: Disney will announce their purchase of 21st Century Fox’s movie and TV studios, among other properties, on Thursday, according to a new report.

With Comcast backing out of talks, Disney is now the only suitor with the means to acquire Fox. While Disney will gain the rights to several major TV and film properties, it’s the Marvel-related characters that are the focus for many, especially us here at MCU Exchange. We are certain that Marvel Studios will gain full use of the X-Men and their related characters and are awaiting word on how the Fantastic Four and related characters factor into the deal. Until we hear from Kevin Feige, we’ll hold off on making any expert claims, but we expect that Disney will find a way to bring the First Family home as well.

We will continue to follow this story as it updates, but get those champagne bottles ready for Thursday!