UPDATE ON 7/5/17-Today Marvel announced that Gabrielle Dennis has been cast to play the role of Tilda Johnson in Luke Cage Season 2.  This obviously caused immediate confusion amongst fans.  Was this a sign that continuity between the corners of the MCU was fraying to the point of duplicating characters?  We don’t have official answers, but it should be noted that the Tilda Johnson tweet from below has since been deleted.  The photo in the tweet also has been removed from Twitter.

That’s a good sign that Nabiyah Be‘s character was intended to be Johnson but was retconned to something else when Netflix asked for the character.  (That isn’t official, just putting the pieces together.)

ORIGINAL POST: The cast of Black Panther is undoubtedly one of Marvel Studios top collections of talents, assembled to bring Wakanda to life and to introduce the supporting cast of King T’Challa. The trailer showed off nearly a dozen recognizable comic book characters, but apparently there was one more hidden in plain sight. Singer/actress Nabiyah Be took to Twitter today to reveal her role in the upcoming film:


It appears that Be, seen in the trailer alongside Michael B. Jordan’s Killmonger as he breaks Andy Serkis’ Klaue out of a safe house, will be playing the role of super genius Tilda Johnson, also known as Nightshade. Johnson, who first appeared as a villain in Captain America #143, has reformed and after teaming up with Nighthawk,  can currently be seen in David F. Walker’s Occupy Avengers book where she, Red Wolf and Hawkeye have teamed up to fight injustices around the country. It appears the character will be sticking close to her villainous origins in the film, though we don’t know how large of a role she is expected to play. However, given her relationship with Killmonger, we expect she’s someone he met during his time in America after having been exiled as a young boy.  We’re guessing Marvel Studios and Ryan Coogler aren’t going the werewolf route here and will be sticking a little closer to the more modern iterations in which she’s able to kick some ass as well as solve pretty much every problem.

This is a nice addition to an already stellar cast and the kind of character that will make longtime comic readers smile. Black Panther will hit theaters February 16, 2018.