While Doctor Strange’s North American premiere may be over two weeks away, the early feedback from reviewers indicates Marvel’s got another hit their hands. Besides the mind-bending graphics and groundbreaking fight scenes, the performance of Tilda Swinton in her role as the Ancient One is garnering strong praise. And if Swinton has her way, we might all be in store for a whole lot more of the Ancient One. Speaking to Screen Crush, Swinton revealed that she’d be up for another go at the role, perhaps in an Ancient One spin-off film.

I ’m pretty confidently dropping hints in Kevin Feige’s ear about a prequel, I’m constantly harassing him about that. I don’t know if it’ll get anywhere.

As to how far Swinton’s hints have gone, she further elaborated:

“Just leaving the odd hint,” she said with a laugh. “Writing the odd note and putting it in his pocket. Writing lipstick messages in his mirror. Just seeing how far we get.”

Whether a spin-off is in the cards depends on a number of things, most paramount being able to find a slot in Marvel’s already crowded schedule. But if Swinton is half as good as she normally is, I’d definitely be excited to see her in a starring role. For the time being, we’ll have to settle for her supporting part when Doctor Strange premieres on November 4th.

Source: Screen Crush.