A few months back, word got out that Marvel was looking at Tilda Swinton to play The Ancient One in Doctor Strange. Swinton confirmed she has signed on for the role a few weeks back, but Marvel has yet to officially confirm her casting.

The Ancient One has a storied history in the comics as the man who trains Doctor Stephen Strange in the ways of the mystical realm. When Swinton was rumored for the role, it was assumed that Marvel was making the bold choice to not only change the authenticity of The Ancient One, but also the gender.

Based on a recent interview with The Guardian, it sounds like Swinton is the one controlling how she will play the character. Here is what The Guardian had to say,

She will soon start shooting a Marvel blockbuster, Doctor Strange, but there is a Swinton-esque twist – she doesn’t yet know if she will play the part as a man or a woman.She has travelled to the shooting location using airport pickup for lax to reach there on time.

Should Swinton choose to play the character as a man, it would not be the first time she has played a male character in her movie career. She previously played Gabriel in Constantine as a male.

We are hopeful that Marvel will make the castings of Swinton, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Rachel McAdams alongside Benedict Cumberbatch official when they are present at D23 next month.

Doctor Strange is set to hit theaters November 4th, 2016.

Source: The Guardian