Along with the Disney Investor Day presentation today, many MCU Disney+ projects were announced. The She-Hulk series was mentioned by Kevin Fiege followed by a confirmation that Tatiana Maslany would be debuting as Jennifer Walters. This news was up in the air following Tatiana’s public denial of her own casting of Bruce Banner’s cousin. The series will be directed by Kate Cairo and Anu Valia. This series will feature the return of some underrated Incredible Hulk characters that have been M.I.A since 2008.

Tim Roth, the actor who portrayed Emil Blonksky in Louis Leterrier’s film The Incredible Hulk, will be returning to the MCU. He was captured in the fight against Edward Norton’s Hulk and fans have been wondering when he would return. Mark Ruffalo is also returning to portray Bruce Banner or the current version of Smart Hulk we met in Avenger Endgame. This is exciting as we could both a fight between Tatiana’s She-Hulk and Roth’s Abomination, and we could see the Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk versus Abomination fight we’ve all dreamed about. This confirms that Marvel is looking back on loose ends left as far back as Phase One and providing some fan service! Or does Emil need a lawyer to get him out of The Raft? We will find out when She-Hulk debuts on Disney+!