From the earliest reports of the Vulture appearing as the villain in Spider-Man: Homecoming, we’ve heard that he would be partnering with the Tinkerer to build advanced weapons from leftover scrap from the Chitauri invasion and other crazy accidents. I really love this take (I think it echos the great line from Obidiah Stane in Iron Man) and it does give the MCU some real-world implications because it makes us think, “yeah, what would happen to all that stuff?”

While I’d found myself focused on the Chitauri weaponry, there’s obviously a lot more out there. The Destroyer fell in New Mexico, Dark Elves from Svartalfheim invaded London, advanced hellicarriers crashed all over North America and the Avengers battled Crossbones and his crew in Lagos. According to Marvel Studios producer Eric Carroll, any and all of those things could be a part of what Michael Keaton’s Vulture has scavanged, including one particular piece that eagle-eyed fans spotted in the trailers.

That Gauntlet you’ll recognize from Captain America: Civil War. It’s what Crossbones was using to kick the s#!t out of Cap in the prologue! And they scavenged it from Lagos and they made a couple of upgrades so it’s not just a pneumatic punch machine. It also delivers a pretty hefty jolt when it connects as well.

You’ll recall that Cap removed one of Rumlow’s gauntlets from him moments before the suicide bomb was triggered, leaving the gauntlet there for the picking. This is the type of attention to detail that makes Marvel Studios successful and it makes you wonder if something as seemingly trivial as a discarded gauntlet can make its way back into circulation as the foundation for the Shocker’s weapons, what else might be out there for the picking…Tony Stark’s home did slide into the sea, afterall.

Source: IGN