For all of the many misfires of Marvel TV, the one thing they seem to always get right are the show’s title cards. Even the much-maligned Inhumans had a fairly decent opening title sequence (save for the clipart Lockjaw at the end) for its IMAX release. Iron Fist had a great one too (a personal favorite of mine – score and visual-wise – among ALL the Netflix shows) despite it being the weakest of all the shows. Marvel TV always kills it when it comes to its opening titles which is why we are undoubtedly looking forward to what they have for us with Runaways and Cloak & Dagger, which we now have a taste of thanks to it surfacing online via another one of them damn episode leaks! And no, we aren’t linking to those episode links.

While the simplicity of the Cloak & Dagger one reminds me of the one they have in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., straight to the point and very thematic, Freeform’s title sequences tend to be super cheesy. I’m hoping Cloak & Dagger deviates from that and gives us something more sophisticated like the ones they have on SHIELD and the Netflix shows. The Runaways one on the other hand looks very frantic and feels very kinetic. Like HBO, Hulu is all about that pzazz in their sequences. If the title sequence of the The Path is any indication of what title sequences Hulu strives for, we should be in for a treat. Heck, even The Handmaid’s Tale super brief and simple title card looks amazing! Of course, these could be all tentative given how we’ve got a couple of weeks to go before any of them premiere. Regardless, it’s cool to get glimpse at them.

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Source: Reddit