It’s no secret how much Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch like and admire each other. Their chemistry during the War Horse press tour is well known with Cumberbatch telling Empire during an interview in 2011,

Look at him, for chrissake. He’s brilliant…he’s got the looks, he’s an incredibly talented actor, he’s one of the finest of our generation, and he’s a friend.

So it’s little wonder that when it came to Interview Magazine‘s feature on Hiddleston the publication would tap someone he might open up to: his pal Benedict. Cumberbatch’s conversation with Hiddleston is the cover story of Interview‘s October 2016 issue and the two discuss many things: their friendship, acting, being in the public eye, not talking about Hiddleston’s romantic relationships, and, of course, the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

CUMBERBATCH: I feel my role here is much more as a real friend than a journalist. There will be no curveballs, I promise. But just to get us started, what is it like donning the hair and horns, working with Chris [Hemsworth] again, and working Down Under with Taika [Waititi], your director?

HIDDLESTON: Well, it’s so exciting because I haven’t played Loki for four years. The last time I wore the costume was at San Diego Comic-Con in 2013.

CUMBERBATCH: You’re kidding me!

HIDDLESTON: The best thing about it, honestly, is working with Chris again. I first met him in Kenneth Branagh’s house in England in 2009. We were mere children, in the very beginning of our acting journeys. We made an instant connection, and it’s been extraordinary to share the ride with him—this mad journey with Marvel. Anthony Hopkins has been on set this week. And Taika Waititi is magnificent. He has found a way of honoring everything that came before but doing his own thing. And he’s so funny. His films—and if you haven’t, you must seek them out: What We Do in the Shadows, Hunt for the Wilderpeople—they have this combination of light-hearted, good humor and emotion. They’re very moving. Everyone’s really happy. Of course, we’re just at the beginning.

CUMBERBATCH: How many more weeks have you got to go?

HIDDLESTON: I will be here until the beginning of November.

Later, Hiddleston turns the interviewer/interviewee tables…

HIDDLESTON: How did you feel about joining the Marvel universe?

CUMBERBATCH: I felt it was all about the part rather than everything else. I’ve been to Comic-Con, and it’s a very nice way to give back to the fans that drive these things. It was quite scary. I felt like Pink Floyd. It’s just like, “Hello, hi,” after the fans are all screaming. That side of it is just phenomenal, and it makes me giggle, and I don’t know whether I’ll get used to that. I can’t wait to see how it expands the universe. I’m also part of your crew! It’s an amazing cast of actors. And it’s the most fun hard work you’ll ever do, I think, as an actor. They really know how to treat you right. And the material is challenging, witty, and a lot of fun to do. Doctor Strange is a complex, funny, but exciting character.

Their camaraderie is unmistakable and seeing a meeting between these two characters within the MCU would be a treat, for the audience as well as the actors themselves as noted in this MCU Exchange article from earlier this year. Recent speculation about Doctor Strange showing up in Avengers: Infinity War, as reported in THIS story coupled with earlier reports suggest that just such a meeting may, indeed, be a possibility.

Doctor Strange opens in the US on November 4, 2016, Thor:Ragnarok opens in the US on November 3, 2017, and Avengers: Infinity War opens nationwide on May 4, 2018…so any meeting between these two in the MCU may be a while in coming.

Source: Interview Magazine.