The biggest complaint among most people that have seen the MCU is their tendency to kill off major villains after only one movie. Other than Thanos, who still has not really done anything yet, Loki is the only villain that is definitely still around and actively scheming. Tom Hiddleston has become the perfect embodiment of Loki, which is certainly why he is still around with fans only wanting more of him.

He has so far been in both Thor movies, The Avengers, and filming a cameo in Age of Ultron that was later cut. That makes up half of his six picture contract, with him yet to be officially confirmed for Thor: Ragnarok. Kevin Feige has previously teased that Loki has a role in Avengers: Infinity War, which is what made Hiddleston’s comments last week about Ragnarok being his last so bizarre.

Well, during an interview with Hypable for his upcoming film I Saw the Light he was asked about his latest comments and he did not exactly stick to his guns.

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

There are a few reasons that Hiddleston could have a change of tune, whether it be Marvel telling him he should not have said it or Marvel clarifying that they have plans for him post Ragnarok. It actually may be a completely different reason, and that’s just to mess with us so we do not know everything about the upcoming movies.

Honestly, Marco, I don’t know. It’s very difficult to be precise and specific in ways that people would like me to be. I understand the enthusiasm and the curiosity in the complexity and the detail of the Marvel universe as it transpires in movies. But I’m careful to feed that curiosity because I worry that in spite of the enthusiasm it diminishes the movies. If you know everything going in I just don’t want to know that information so I’m very hesitant to put it out there. I don’t want to spoil it for anybody. I knew about two years before it happened that Clark Gregg was killed in The Avengers and if I had ever let that information out it would have completely ruined the experience of watching The Avengers. So to your point, I may or may not know how many times I’m going to play Loki again but I’m not going to tell you. I’m not trying to be difficult.

Contrary to popular belief, Marvel’s plan for the MCU is fluid. We’ve seen them a few schedule changes to include the Spider-Man reboot and Ant-Man and the Wasp just over the last year, and with script rewrites a character could get replaced in a movie. At this moment, Hiddleston has a good guess of what his future is but since it could change, he does not want to spill the beans.

When it comes to my relationship with Marvel, whenever I have said something it usually becomes expanded and misshapen and it then has no bearing to what I originally said at all. I have a pretty good sense of what my future with Marvel is but I don’t think it’s worth telling anyone because it may change. They are very smart over there and like any creative process, they are free to change their minds. Throughout the Marvel universe Loki has changed from movie to movie. Sometimes he’s even changed in the middle of movies in ways you may not even know.

Whenever Marvel officially confirms him for Thor: Ragnarok that will leave us wondering for the next few months until Avengers: Infinity War starts shooting to see whether or not Hiddleston is on that cast list or he is spotted on set. Either way, I think it is safe to say that we all want to see Hiddleston make it past Ragnarok, with my personal guess being he has a redemptive arc/death in Infinity War.

Thor: Ragnarok is scheduled to hit theaters November 3, 2017.

Source: Hyable.