Perhaps one of the greatest characters in the MCU, Loki has been both an enemy and a reluctant ally to his adopted brother Thor, a trend which will continue in Thor: Ragnarok. Despite his penchant for mischief and serious daddy issues, Loki will partner with Thor for at least part of Ragnarok, as we first saw in the post-credits scene for Doctor Strange. While promoting Kong: Skull Island, Tom Hiddleston spoke to IGN about Loki’s mindset in Ragnarok, and the exact nature of his alliance with Thor:

At the beginning of Ragnarok, Thor has a lot of questions. And Loki, true to form, is not forthcoming with that many answers. But hammers are involved, and the stakes are raised… And so they fall back on their brotherhood, fractured though it is, to see what they can to do stop [Hela].

From Hiddleston’s comments, it looks like we’ll finally get a resolution to the cliffhanger ending of Thor: The Dark World, when it was revealed that Loki had secretly usurped the throne of Asgard from Odin. Clearly, Thor won’t be happy when he finds out about this, but as Hiddleston mentions, they’ve got bigger things to worry about:

Cate Blanchett, it’s no secret, is playing the goddess of death, who brings destruction in her wake. And it’s the kind of destruction that both Thor and Loki have never seen. On a scale of terror that they have never ever seen before.

Hiddleston’s comments make Hela seem like quite the dangerous enemy. But what will Loki think of the other magic-user to appear in Thor: Ragnarok: Doctor Stephen Strange? According to Hiddleston, he won’t be all that impressed:

I think he probably dismisses Strange. Yes, his sorcery is very impressive, but Loki has been doing that for centuries, so who cares? But Hela is a different beast, and full of surprises. And actually might have been someone with whom at one time he could have gotten along. But the circumstances have changed.

Clearly, Thor: Ragnarok is going to be a packed movie. While Hiddleston’s comments about Hela and Doctor Strange paint an exciting picture on their own, they don’t even bring up the involvement of Hulk or the mysterious gladiatorial plans of Jeff Goldblum‘s Grandmaster. This is shaping up to be one of the most exciting movies of Phase 3, so jump into the comments and let us know what you’re most excited to see in the Thor threequel. . Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters in North America on November 3, 2017.

Source: IGN